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By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC During the holiday season, the conversations of how business will be this year versus last year are plentiful. One camp says compare this year to 2019. Another camp […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC At a recent webinar I attended, several retail investment researchers talked about their predictions for holiday 2021. Overall, they were bullish, and I don’t disagree. On top of […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC In this retail environment, many consumers have become retailer-agnostic. They don’t really care what the outlet is- they just want whatever it is they want. They know the […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC Why A Career In Retailing? At a recent trip to the University of Florida, my alma mater, a student asked me why I picked a career in retailing. […]
By Josh Coughlin, CTO Enhanced Retail Solutions We all spend an extraordinary amount of time talking, thinking, dreaming, etc. about inventory.  Every business that sells a physical product must think about inventory.  If you don’t have […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO By Invitation Only We all know they are smart. And they just keep getting smarter. Don’t know what demand will be for an item? Just make it “invitation only” and don’t list any […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Empty Shelves Everyone is so concerned about the emptiness of their shelves right now that they may be forgetting that lead times are getting longer and longer. If they want any chance […]
By Olivia Drexler Working From Home For the past 17 months, my college routine at the University of Florida has consisted of online lectures, masks, and an empty campus. While we have made a lot of […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Recently we have received an uptick in inquiries regarding assortment planning. That usually happens when an inventory problem arises, not because someone is looking for fresh product. They go into analysis mode […]
By Olivia Drexler, ERS Intern Where Current Analytics Fall Short Navigating the performance of a retail business can be difficult when there are so many data sources to keep track of and act upon. The most […]
By Olivia Drexler, ERS Intern Inventory is an Investment The most productive retail businesses understand that inventory is an investment. Inventory is money, but only when it is generating sales. Oftentimes, businesses find themselves in a […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Receipt (ladder) planning is more relevant than ever before. It is a weekly plan for sales, inventory and profitability. Based on actual trends, the original plans get revised. It has always been […]
By Olivia Drexler, ERS Intern The Importance of Competitive Shopping: As the world begins to move out of the pandemic, competitive shopping is critical for retailers, brands, and suppliers to maintain successful businesses. As storefronts reopen, […]
By James Lewis, CEO 19 years ago, I left a very fulfilling career with JC Penney and embarked into the great unknown of starting up a new business. Armed with confidence, a very supportive wife, and […]
By Josh Coughlin, CTO Welcome to part 3 of this series in which I share episodes from my days working at a manufacturer. In the last blog I wrote how acting early on poor performing items […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Solutions One of the most common project requests we get is integrating 3rd party information or research with a client’s POS data and forecast. For example, a client who manufactures […]
By Josh Coughlin, CTO, Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC As I share episodes from my career in this blog, this post takes us back to my time working at a manufacturer.  Something a designer said sticks out […]
By Josh Coughlin, CTO Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC As David Matsil use to say in one form or another at every meeting, “It is all about the inventory”.  The exact wording would change, but the sentiment […]
By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC It is hard to believe that a good portion of 2021 is already behind us. Of course, that depends on what seasonal sales curve you live your life […]
By Josh Coughlin, CTO   Working with- and for- manufacturers I have learned one universal truth.  It does not matter what you make (T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Pillows, etc.): every critical business function is done in Excel.  […]