Retail eCommerce Drop Ship

Manage Drop Ship Business & Inventory

To increase revenue and market presence, suppliers are listing their products on multiple retailer’s websites. Yet managing it is a challenge. Our Drop Ship Performance Solution enables them to easily track and analyze sales, forecast future sales and inventory needs, and suggest what to markdown. Customized to meet each supplier’s specifications, this smart reporting and process helps prioritize action on thousands of SKU’s- minimizing risk and maximizing profit.

Data Integration

Regardless of your data sources we’ll figure out how to integrate your orders, inventory, item attributes and any other data you want to include in your reporting. 


Our system estimates future sales and the inventory required to maintain the run rate. Uses history, seasonality, promotions and other relevant market info.


Take advantage of our team’s experience in helping suppliers manage their inventory. We know what questions to ask and how to set up the data to make the most use of it.

smart POS report

Show Me the Big Picture

Our solution focuses on the elements you need to manage the business- from a big picture overview to detailed recommended buys.

Drop Ship Tracking

Point Me In the Right Direction

“Our online business is expanding- but with so many sku’s to manage we were losing sales on some sku’s and own too much on others. ERS helped us institute a new process and gave us the actionable tools we need to increase our business 10 fold.”, E. Gross, CEO, BHF International

Performance, Inventory Health 

Our smart system reviews the performance of each item, checks the inventory and then recommends what to do. We’ll help you determine the criteria for what makes something good, bad or ugly.

How Much to Buy

With an integrated forecast in the report a recommended quantity is already there to consider. The logic behind the buy can be customized based on lead time, coverage period and your buying philosophy.

Rolling Forecast View

This solution takes advantage of our Rolling Forecast which provides visibility to all the inventory, production and plans over time.