A More Modern Approach to Demand Planning

Everything you need to plan and manage inventory except the heavy price tag.

full customizable

The integration of the ERS POS backend, ERP and Microsoft’s PowerBI enables almost limitless views.

baked in expertise

Takes advantage of both human and AI powered intelligence.

fast and accurate

The heavy lifting is done on ERS servers so user interaction is swift.

deep visibility

Views of the pipeline, estimated sales, recommended buys, item performance and more.

All In One Inventory Planning

Everything you need to plan and manage inventory on a platform made for the future.

The Launchpad

The start page- fully customizable for your business- shows the key information you need- sales and inventory. Custom attributes and channel information.

Monthly Forecast Flow

Projected inventory by month with estimated sales and recommended buys based on lead time.


An intelligent system that quantifies lost sales, inventory above and below targets and creates a priority list to take action.

Item Performance with Recommended Actions

The system tells you what to do based on an advanced ranking system and inventory health criteria.

Microsoft’s AI Influencer Visuals

Take advantage of Microsoft’s powerful AI models to find trends in your data.

See Where Your Inventory is Going

Projected inventory to see how long you will be in or out of stock on an item.

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Watch the Demo

Watch this walk through of the key BI pages for Item Performance and Forecasting. Contact Us to learn how to test out our tools.

Talk to the Experts

ERS has over 20 years in helping companies turn inventory faster, forecast more accurately, and deepen their visibility to sales. We do this through engagement and providing fully customized tools.