Retail Demand Planning Solutions

Predict the future 

Integrate POS, ERP and other data to build the most accurate forecast with Demand Planning Solutions.

manage the pipeline

Gain greater visibility to your inventory flow and therefore plan more efficiently.

optimize productivity

Improve inventory productivity with better replenishment and allocation.

Demand Planning Solutions

Inventory is your capital investment. Therefore, to get the highest rate of return you need to optimize the use of it. Our demand planning solutions and expertise enable you to optimize productivity in innovative ways.

Rolling Forecast

This solution does more than just help determine sales potential and inventory requirements- it also helps organize and rationalize your sku’s.

BI Forecast

A more modern approach to inventory planning, fully customizable. Integrates the power of ERS’ backend computing with ERP and Microsoft’s PowerBI Platform to deliver a best in class forecast.

Item Planner

This is the must-have tool for planners who need to consistently monitor sales, inventory and profitability of their retail programs. Conduct “what-if” scenarios to thereafter determine the optimal pricing and inventory flow. Also includes Price Elasticity functions!

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our automated and customizable solution combs through SKU-store data looking for imbalances between sales and inventory levels. It subsequently recommends the appropriate allocation.

AIM: Allocation Improvement Manager

Combs through SKU-store data to look for lost sales opportunities and creates new model stocks, significantly improving inventory productivity.

Discipline of A Planner

Complement your demand planning solutions by letting us help you create or improve your planning process by detailing our time tested schedule that organizes your pre-season, weekly, monthly and post season activities.

Are you a Retail Planning Maven?

Here’s some free resources to make your life easier. EDI 852 Parser, Retail Math & Definitions, Retail Fiscal Calendars, E-Commerce Store Lists, SKU Rationalization Guide, Walmart/Retail Link Terminology Guide and more.

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