How Enhanced Retail Solutions Works

How We Work

Our hybrid business model provides an advantage because it enables our clients to simply subscribe to ERS, entitling them to pick up the phone and talk to our planning experts (consultants), and receive their Reports, Forecasts, Item Plans and Data Interpretation in whatever format and delivery method they prefer. Whether a client uses our tools on their own or we use it on their behalf and deliver the results they are covered.

jim lewis

CEO, Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC

Consulting and Software as a Solution 

Our software business benefits greatly from our consulting business and vice versa. Consulting clients get the benefit of the results of sophisticated software tools without having to use it. Our software clients get 24/7 access to those tools. And both get the benefit of being able to talk to a consultant. This isn’t technical support – this is business support.

Our Ecosystem

Our solutions work for RETAILERS, SUPPLIERS, LICENSORS, DISTROBUTORS and BRANDS. Data can be integrated between them for the ultimate in data and information sharing.

Our platform combines reporting & demand planning

One Platform for the Past, Present & Future.

Consulting Engagements

“Most consultants are good at billing. Your team actually got results.”
– CEO, 4,000 store electronics chain

On or Off Site

Engagements are designed to minimize cost and yield maximum ROI.


We know what questions to ask and live and breathe retail every day.


Proprietary AI tools to quickly find and answer questions about your business.

Simple & Visual

Understandable interpretations of data put in terms anyone can understand.

Our consulting engagements vary greatly- from simply delivering a set of reports every week to creating and implementing an entire planning process. We can complement your team by filling in the gaps or become your outsourced planning department. Our software development arm enables us to create small dashboards to enterprise level systems.

Define Scope of Work

Our team meets with yours to understand your organization, technical capability, your goals and what the scope will be. We then determine what resources will be required to fulfill the goals and timelines. A cost proposal is created.


Our team goes to work providing the service agreed upon in the scope of work. Communication is key! There is constant feedback and consultation between your team and ours.

Delivery & Follow Through

Results are measured frequently and time is tracked on a monthly basis. Resources can be increased or decreased as needed.

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