Retail Narrative Artificial Intelligence Tool

Introducing Retail Narrative

The first retail analytic system that does the analysis for you.

A Smarter Approach to Reporting

RetailNarrative Analyzes Your POS Data, Assesses The Health Of Your Business And Presents Actionable Opportunities To You In An Interactive Dashboard

How It Works

Produces New Insights Weekly- With The Information You Need To Take Action On Them

data collection 

Collects, translates and validates retail POS and wholesale inventory.

data analysis

Asks questions of the data, scores the answers and produces the top opportunities.

data presentation

Returns a narrative and visualizations in an interactive dashboard.


User clicks links to get actionable output in pre-formatted templates.

Why We Created RetailNarrative

Most companies approach retail analytics with a battery of weekly reports to help them get a grasp of their business. it consumes so much time that they don’t get around to taking much action. It also requires a great deal of expertise. RetailNarrative solves those problems. It augments a team’s intelligence and capability by combing through SKU-Store data and asking the questions our retail experts do. it then determines the relevance and dollar impact of each opportunity and presents them to the user in an interactive dashboard.


– Great for Executives, Sales and
  Planning teams.
– Updates every week with new
– Incorporates our consultant’s
 domain expertise and best
– Review multiple KPI’s within a
 dashboard element.
– Quickly determine selling trends and under or over inventoried items.
– Click on a link to get store level
 information to take action.
-To-Do list lets the user pin the
 opportunities they intend to take
 action on from all their retail
 accounts to one focused dashboard.
– Content is continually curated based on users viewing preferences.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

RetailNarrative has transformed the way we look at our business. With millions of SKU-store combinations we manage, our team is never able to capitalize on every opportunity. This tool enables us to quickly find the most relevant actions we can take to improve our business.


4,000 Store Electronics Chain

This tool works great for both Planning and Sales teams. I start each Monday by reviewing that week’s findings to focus on an opportunity. Having the system automatically prioritize the most valuable actions gets everyone in the organization on the same page.


Largest Women’s Lingerie Manufacturer

I’ve sat through so many system demos in my career in planning and have never seen anything that simplifies analysis as well as RetailNarrative does. It enables my team to quickly determine what to focus and take action on and saves a tremendous amount of time. 

Director of Planning

1,000 Store Home Chain