POS Retail Sales and Inventory Reporting Solutions

Turn Inventory Faster – Forecast More Accurately – Deepen Visibility to Sales

ERS clients are passionate about collecting, integrating and interpreting POS and inventory data to improve their merchandise decision-making ability. Most companies cannot accomplish that on their own. They need expertise, technology and the engagement of knowledgeable experts to make it happen.


Best Practices, Planning Discipline & Process, Data Interpretation, Vendor Managed Inventory, Category Management


Data Collection & Warehousing, POS Analytic Reporting, Custom Software & Dashboards, Forecasting, Augmented Intelligence


Personal Relationships, Extension of Your Team, Training & Coaching, Multiple Report Delivery Methods, Flexibility & Support

A Few Things We’re Great At

We deeply understand the retail industry, sales analysis and inventory planning.

POS Retail Analytics

Uncover opportunities & liabilities in your data.

Inventory Planning

Optimize the flow of retail and wholesale inventory


Stay in stock

Custom Dashboards & Software

Apps that solve your problems quickly and affordably

Vendor Managed Inventory

Smart, automated allocation that optimizes inventory.

Data Warehousing & Integration

One place to store and easily access all your data

Are You Leaving Money on the Table? Determine your Lost Sales

Pinpoint opportunities to improve in-stocks and forecasting accuracy by quantifying lost sales with our Lost Sales reporting and Dashboards.

Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

Client Engagement

Many of our client relationships are well over a decade. It’s because we are engaged with them and constantly strive to help them achieve their goals.


We understand that every client is slightly different. Even though their challenges may be similar to other clients, the way we approach it is flexible.

What works best for your organization? 

Our software business benefits greatly from our consulting business and vice versa. Consulting clients get the benefit of the results of sophisticated software tools without having to use it. Our software clients get 24/7 access to those tools. And both get the benefit of being able to talk to a consultant.

We complement or act as your planning team. We know what questions to ask and live and breathe retail planning every day.

Complete tool kit for planners, buyers and suppliers. POS analytics, reporting, dashboards, forecasting and more.

Our Ecosystem

Our solutions work for RETAILERS, SUPPLIERS, LICENSORS, DISTRIBUTORS and BRANDS. Data can be integrated between them for the ultimate in data and information sharing. 

A paradigm change in POS reporting and Retail Analytics

We built a system that does the analysis for you.

What Some of Our Clients Say…

Kathy P., 
Sales Manager

“Before working with ERS I could not get the buyer to answer the phone. Now she calls me every Monday morning to find out what is happening with the business.”

Janet F.,

“ERS is like a special forces group that complements our planning team- teaching us best practices and implementing actionable tools that enabled our business to reach a higher level. The ROI has been tremendous.”

Etai G.,

“ERS is completely immersed in our business. From POS reporting to forecasting and inventory management they enable us to make better merchandising decisions and keep our inventory balanced.”

Scott M.,
Dir. Retail Marketing

“Preparing for meetings has become easy because we have the retailer’s POS analysis information presented better than the retailer!”

Greg M.,

“ERS provides actionable information from multiple data sources in a specific format we requested. We simply couldn’t do it with our own resources. They are forward thinking and a pleasure to work with.”

Janet F.,

“Our eCommerce business has reached an inflection point. Sales have been phenomenal, but the way we operate today is not scalable. ERS is providing knowledge, best practices, planning disciplines and custom software  to manage our business in ways we did not think possible.”

John R.,

“Partnering with ERS enabled us to create a simplified yet robust planning process and system for managing the sourcing plans of thousands of items. In seconds we gain full visibility from factory to store with a report deck that would have taken us a week to produce.”

It starts with the data

Smart companies manage inventory by the numbers, not by chance.

Optimize the gathering, managing & interpretation of retail data.

POS Data Management: We’ll help you collect, scrub, scrutinize and validate all your POS data. We can integrate it with wholesale inventory or any other 3rd party data on one platform.

POS data formats
Smart POS reporting

What makes a report great?

Five must-have features for “can’t live without” reports. 

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