Inventory Planning and Reporting Solutions

It starts with the data

Smart companies manage inventory by the numbers, not by chance.

Optimize the gathering, managing & interpretation of retail data.

Our inventory planning solutions help you collect, scrub, scrutinize and validate all your POS data. Furthermore, we integrate it with wholesale inventory or any other 3rd party data on one platform.

POS data management and formats
POS data management and overview

Inventory Planning Solutions

Inventory is your capital investment. To get the highest rate of return you need to optimize the use of it. Accordingly, our systems and expertise enable you to optimize productivity in innovative ways.

Rolling Forecast

This demand planning tool does more than just help determine sales potential and inventory requirements- it helps organize and rationalize your sku’s.

BI Forecast

A more modern way of inventory planning, fully customizable. Integrates the power of ERS’ backend computing with ERP and Microsoft’s PowerBI platform to deliver a best in class forecast.

Item Planner

This is the must-have tool for planners who need to consistently monitor sales, inventory and profitability of their retail programs. Additionally, conduct “what-if” scenarios to help determine the optimal pricing and inventory flow.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our automated and customizable solution combs through SKU-store data looking for imbalances between sales and inventory levels and recommends the appropriate allocation.

Allocation Improvement Manager

Combs through SKU-store data to look for lost sales opportunities and creates new model stocks.

Discipline of A Planner

Let us help you create or improve your planning process by detailing our time tested schedule that organizes your pre-season, weekly, monthly and post season activities.

Drop Shipping? Manage it like a pro.

Must-have solution for suppliers who have drop ship product on multiple retailer’s websites. 

Sales & Inventory Reporting

We offer a wide range of inventory planning solutions including do-it-yourself reporting tools, custom designed reports and dashboards based on your needs and delivered directly to you and your team.

Retail Narrative

Uses Augmented Intelligence to interpret your POS data and report the findings in an interactive dashboard. Click links to the detailed data you need to take action.

Retail Synthesis

Free form reporting and dashboards that uses grids, charts & graphs, pivot tables, Google Visualizations and more. Customized to your data points and product attributes.

Best Practices

The best practices tool kit is derived from our most popular solutions- weekly analyst, store performance, store execution, demographic profile, opportunity & liability, lost sales, turnover and more.

Custom Reports

Simply want reports delivered to your email or a private web page? We design reports and dashboards tailored to your business.

We wrote the book on inventory planning.


By implementing our planning process a fast growing digitally native CPG distributor improved in-stocks by over 20%. Automation of many of their buying activities now saves an average of 3 days of work each week.

A leading manufacturer uses our BI platform to track their retail businesses- from their own direct sales to the major chains. What used to take them 8-10 hours per week is now a 15 minute process. 

A well known Shoe and Leather Goods brand and retailer uses our automated VMI solution, improving brick and mortar and on-line in-stocks by 25% while reducing total ownership without missing any sales.  

A custom built allocation improvement dashboard enabled a leading home textiles manufacturer to reduce lost sales by 22% and uncovered other opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.