Lost Sales Reporting

Disappointing a customer by not having the merchandise they want is a crime in today’s retail environment. There are a lot of reasons for stock outs, many preventable. Step one is understanding how much business you may be losing. Then building a recipe to improve in-stocks by adjusting allocation models or buying more intelligently. Our reports do both. 

POS Store Level Data

You need data at SKU-store level every week to analyze the business.

Determining Rate of Sale

Only consider sales when you were fully in stock over a specific period of time.

Save Time

Save yourself days, our reports run in seconds and can be delivered to you automatically.

Don’t Leave Money On The Table

Inventory levels by location must be sufficient to support the sales potential. This approach utilizes the least amount of inventory and generates the most amount of sales.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Sending the same amount to every store does not optimize your inventory investment.

Correct the Forecast Basis

Not adding lost sales into your forecast under plans your business.

 Quantify in Dollars

Once lost units can be quantified, extrapolate it into dollars. 

The Lost Sales Dashboard

We can deliver a lost sales report in a variety of ways: a custom web portal for your organization, Microsoft Power BI or Microsoft Excel workbook.

Tracking Lost Sales

Track lost sales over time to see the impact your actions are taking. 

Integrate Retail & Wholesale inventory together to gain complete visibility of your ownership.

Drill through a customized hierarchy. For example, Category to Program to Color to SKU.

See how many stores are out of stock in each item compared to the last 6 weeks.

Set a WOS (weeks of supply) Model and add a recommended allocation quantity by SKU by Store.

We can customize the logic and parameters to meet your retail philosophy. 

Lost Sales by Store
Track Store On Hand by Week

Visibility by week is key. Besides calculating lost sales, understanding how long it takes to get back in business helps in the planning process. 

Look at everything or set up filters to only show the exceptions and what to take action on.