We are honored to be selected as a Top Retail AI Solutions Provider by Retail Tech Insights. Our POS reporting and inventory management solutions continue to some of the most innovative in the industry. Read the full article here.

Top Retail AI Solutions Provider

POS Sales and Inventory Reporting


Track Sales & Inventory of your products with smart features that highlight opportunities & liabilities.


Integrate POS data with ERP wholesale fields to forecast future sales and the inventory required to meet demand.


We gather, manage, integrate and warehouse large retail data sets so you can focus on what the data says.

Developing a set of action-oriented POS reporting enables you to make smarter merchandising and inventory decisions. We can help you define a set of reporting to accomplish your goals. If you are spending too much time running and formatting reports every week, you’re doing it wrong.

We can help you manage and integrate your retail data in any format- web portals, EDI 852, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, text files, etc. We can even blend fields from one source to another- like average unit retail from web portal and sales units from EDI 852. Once data is managed, we offer a variety of POS reporting delivery models based on your specific needs.

POS Reporting Solutions
We offer a wide range of do-it-yourself reporting tools or custom designed reports and dashboards based on your needs and delivered directly to you and your team.

Smart Reporting – PowerBI

A comprehensive set of tools to help you track and manage your retail or wholesale business. Item performance tracking, store execution, drop ship, financial planning, inventory planning, pricing analysis, geography, demographics and more. Smart reporting using AI. Completely customizable.

Retail Narrative

Uses Augmented Intelligence to interpret your POS data and report the findings in an interactive dashboard. Click links to the detailed data you need to take action.

Retail Synthesis

Free form reporting and dashboards that uses grids, charts & graphs, pivot tables, Google Visualizations and more. Customized to your data points and product attributes.

Best Practices

The best practices tool kit is derived from our most popular solutions- weekly analyst, store performance, store execution, demographic profile, opportunity & liability, lost sales, turnover and more.

Business Overview

Built into our platform is an overview that contains up to 9 configurable elements including TY v LY performance by retailer, week to week tracking of specific programs, inventory, geography and more. It also provides a tracking tool to show what POS data has been loaded. Everything you need to know about your business in one place!

Custom Reports

Simply want reports delivered to your email or a private web page? Specific time frames? Chain level? Store Level? Images? Integrate other data? No problem.

Custom Dashboards

Take your POS reporting to the next level by mixing visualizations and downloadable data to help tell your story and get a better view of your overall business.

What Makes A Report Great? Here’s our 5 Tips.

Are you a Retail Planning Maven?

Here’s some free resources to make your life easier. EDI 852 Parser, Retail Math & Definitions, Retail Fiscal Calendars, E-Commerce Store Lists, SKU Rationalization Guide, Walmart/Retail Link Terminology Guide and more.

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