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Introducing Business Overview

Everything You Need To Know About Your Business In One Place

POS data management and overview

Business Overview provides a snapshot of how your business is doing.

Elements include:

  • Sales and Inventory TY vs. LY
  • Track Performance Week over Week
  • Inventory Ownership by Retail Account
  • Top 10 Items with high inventory ownership
  • Top 10 Performing Items
  • Selected Items (tagged) Performance
  • Forecasted Buys (Integrates with Rolling Forecast)
  • Geographic Analysis

Click on an item- get more detail

Clicking on an item provides sales and inventory statistics at store level- giving you a deeper insight into the performance of an item.

  • Including On Hand, On Order, Sales Units, Sales Dollars, Sell Through, Last 6 weeks rate of sale (ROS), weeks of supply (WOS).

What Data Has Been Loaded?

The gathering and integrating of POS data is a daunting challenge. Our service provides you with real time status so you always know what data has come in and what data we’re still waiting on. It shows the history over the last 4 weeks so you can check consistency.

retail pos business overview
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