Enhanced Retail Solutions Client Portfolio

Just A Few of Our Clients

We work with Retailers, Suppliers, Distributors and Brands. This is just a small sampling of the smart companies that take advantage of our expertise and technology.

Fast retailing

Our Client’s Results

By implementing our planning process a fast growing digitally native CPG distributor improved in-stocks by over 20%. Automation of many of their buying activities now saves an average of 3 days of work each week.

A leading manufacturer uses our BI platform to track their retail businesses- from their own direct sales to the major chains. What used to take them 8-10 hours per week is now a 15 minute process. 

A well known Shoe and Leather Goods brand and retailer uses our automated VMI solution, improving brick and mortar and on-line in-stocks by 25% while reducing total ownership without missing any sales.  

A custom built allocation improvement dashboard enabled a leading home textiles manufacturer to reduce lost sales by 22% and uncovered other opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

What works best for your organization? 

Understandable interpretations of data put in terms anyone can understand and act on. We use proprietary AI tools to more quickly find and answer questions about your business.

We complement or act as your planning team. We know what questions to ask and live and breathe retail planning every day.

Complete tool kit for planners, buyers and suppliers. POS analytics, reporting, dashboards, forecasting and more.

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