Enhanced Retail Solutions Retail Primer

We Wrote the Book on Inventory Planning

In the Enhanced Retail Solutions Retail Primer, former buyer and ERS CEO James E. Lewis offers specific education and techniques to unlock potential opportunities and liabilities, improve your retail or wholesale inventory planning, and take your retail analytics to a new level. It contains a best practices guide to setting up a regimen of reporting- showing you which reports to use and when. Forecast and Ladder Planning exercises help you learn by doing. A complete list of retail terms, formulas and KPI’s will help you learn the retail lingo and help you measure the success of your business.

Forecasting & Ladder Planning

Guides and exercises that teach you how to predict future sales and plan inventory needs. Learn about the effect seasonality has on inventory planning.

Discipline of A Planner

Our model, adopted by some of the largest companies in the industry, provides a step by step process, reports and tools to plan inventory more efficiently.

SKU Rationalization, Margin Negotiation

How to benchmark and prioritize SKU’s to make your assortment more efficient. Plan upfront to determine if you can achieve margin goals.

Retail Analytics and POS Reporting

Our recommended set of reports to help you get a better understanding of your business and take action. Visual examples with explanations provided.

Integrating Demographics with POS Data

By integrating demographics from the US Census Bureau with POS data you can learn who is buying your product and allocate them more productively, reducing risk.

Price Elasticity

A template to help you calculate the effect changing prices have on sales and profit. Learn the upper and lower bounds of prices.