Custom Projects: Integrating 3rd Party Data

Integrating 3rd party data with POS data can vastly improve decision making and lead to more productive inventory management. ERS can help you overcome the challenges of obtaining and integrating 3rd party data.

A Seamless Solution

Working together with our partner Planalytics offers seamless integration of predictive weather-driven demand analytics with POS data, an ERS forecast or ERS VMI solution. It puts weather’s impact in a business context for effective analysis and planning on a scalable level. As with any ERS custom project, we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. Learn more about Planalytics here.

Forecast Factors

Our demand planning solutions include a wide array of parameters and analytics to predict demand. Recent sales trends, seasonality, promotional activity, store in-stock levels, and production availability are just some of the factors that play a role in producing a confident forecast.

Forecast with Predictive Weather Driven Analytics

Injecting Planalytics predictive weather driven demand analytics adds another factor that may increase or decrease demand (by region) and produce more accurate inventory requirements by week. This provides even more robust and efficient planning which lowers inventory carrying costs and frees up more working capital.


Use more data to get more actionable information

Data alone is useless unless you can make it actionable. Contact Us to learn more about how the ERS and Planalytics partnership can work for you.