Retail Sales and Inventory Best Practices

Retail Best Practices Toolkit 

Derived from our most popular and time tested solutions to help improve inventory productivity and increase sales and profit. These functions provide actionable information that help you manage the key aspects of the business and introduce innovative ways to use different data points to unlock opportunities.

Weekly Analyst

A comprehensive review of your items- inventory, sales and store execution statistics in one report.

Store Execution Statistics

Quickly locate stores sold out, stores with no sales by SKU to prioritize action.

Lost Sales by Store

Calculates lost potential store by store and SKU by SKU. Eye opening and recipe to improve sales.

The must-have tool kit for planners.

Demographic Profile

Learn who your products are selling to and reduce risk by allocating more efficiently.

Opportunity and Liability

Side by side comparison of over and under inventoried stores by SKU. See the dollar value of each.

Turnover by Store

Helps determine which stores sell certain products and which don’t. Helps determine model stocks.

demographic report for retail