Retail Synthesis Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool

Our ad-hoc reporting tool is specifically geared to retail. Create reports at any level, in the format you want. We’ll help you customize product attributes and merchandise hierarchies so your data aligns with your business. Share reports, schedule them to run automatically and change them on the fly.

Data Grids

Customize your fields and columns and drill through your merchandise hierarchies.

Pivot Tables

Discover unique correlations y studying sales over time, item by store or any 2 dimensions.

Comparison Deltas

Compare multiple variables over different periods of time. Great for YoY, MoM, WoW, etc.

Interactive Business Intelligence geared specifically for retail

Retail Synthesis allows you to mix fields from ERP, POS, PLM, Forecasts and virtually any other data source.

Charts & Graphs

Visualize and drill through data using pie, horizontal, vertical, hats and line graphs.


Combine multiple reports and visualizations together in one overview.

Google Visualizations

Uses gauges, annotated time lines area, motion and other elements to explore your data.

POS report with images

Combine multiple reports and visualizations to create dashboards. We’ll help guide you if you need help.

This example provides a snapshot of the business- unit and sales dollars by retail account, ecommerce vs. brick & mortar, brand review, inventory ownership by status and top 50 items.

Over 100 calculated fields are available including Item number, description, color, size, vendor ID, age, on hand, on order, in transit, in warehouse, weeks of supply, sell through, unit and dollar sales, average unit retail, average units per store, markdown dollars and percent, gross profit dollars and percent, sales rank, in-stock %, store count, SKU count, traited and valid, store number, store location, mall name, SKU status, 1st week of sales and more.

Customize 30 attribute fields to fit your business- food, electronics, toys, apparel, home textiles, consumer packaged goods, shoes- we’ll set it up to align with your business.

Are you a Retail Planning Maven?

Here’s some free resources to make your life easier. EDI 852 Parser, Retail Math & Definitions, Retail Fiscal Calendars, E-Commerce Store Lists, SKU Rationalization Guide, Walmart/Retail Link Terminology Guide and more.