Retail Sales Item Planner Software

Unlike s spreadsheet based planning tool, Item Planner has smart features and automatic integration with your POS data that reduces manual entry, copy/paste/vlookup headaches and sharing issues.

Plan and Track by Week

The ultimate ladder planning tool to plan and track sales units, dollars, profit and inventory.

Integrates With Your Data

Uses the Intelligent Retail platform enables data sharing from POS, ERP and Rolling Forecast.

Easy to Set Up and Use

It pulls in all your data automatically so no manual updating.

Item Planner is the must have tool for retail and wholesale planners.

Built in Intelligence

Smart features like Price Elasticity and multiple trend options ensure more accurate predictions.

Cloud Based

Always available, cross platform, enterprise friendly sharing capabilities.

Create Custom Reporting

Export various views to MS Excel or connect to Retail Synthesis to customize your own reports.

Key Benefits:

Provides the sales team with the capability to collaborate more effectively with the buyer.

Improve forecasting accuracy of wholesale inventory needs based on real time info.

Assess risk on end of season margin goals and compare supplier vs. retailer plans.

Facilitates “what-if” scenarios. Change any parameter and immediately see the net effect on the plan.

Eliminates surprises. See how your business is doing every week- the sales, inventory and expected end of season profit.

Produces reports in a format that buyers are familiar with.

Enterprise friendly sharing capabilities. Provides one platform for planning and tracking the business among all retail accounts and users.

Price Elasticity

Change the promotional activity for a given week and watch the unit and dollar sales estimates change based on historic lift.

Integrate Wholesale Inventory

By including your ATS (Available to Sell) and WIP (Work in Process) you can more accurately plan receipts. As trends happen, required inventory levels will be adjusted and then show how the wholesale position looks. Add to or remove future factory orders to see how it will effect the plan.

Watch the Video to Learn About New Features

We are constantly updating our solutions based on user feedback. Item Planner now integrates with wholesale inventory providing greater visibility to inventory in the past, present and future. Know when to place orders with your factories and in what quantities.