Retail Primer 5th Edition

New York, NY– Enhanced Retail Solutions has updated their popular Retail Primer. The 5th edition is now available on Amazon and Apple books. New sections include price elasticity, a deeper look at integrating demographic data with POS, and a multitude of report examples.

The Retail Primer helps retailers, manufacturers, students or anyone interested in increasing their retail acumen. It offers techniques to unlock potential opportunities and liabilities. It includes retail and wholesale inventory planning best practices and advanced retail analytics. Besides hands-on exercises, it contains lists of retail terms, formulas and KPI’s which help you learn the retail lingo and help measure the success of your business.

Author James Lewis says “ERS was founded on the principles of education. The primer is an invaluable asset to anyone in the retail or wholesale trade wanting a better grip on inventory planning and retail analytics”.

To learn more about what is in the primer, click here.

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