POS Reporting

By Jake Frimmer, ERS Business Analyst Intern

Walking into the ERS office on my first day, I felt a mix of anticipation and curiosity. I was met with a warm welcome from the ERS team which allowed me to settle in easily. It is clear that this team works like a well-oiled machine, achieving great success through teamwork and years of practice. The team’s decades of experience and knack for explaining complex concepts simply, have already proved to be valuable to me. The team’s insights into how to leverage data to better forecast and plan are fascinating and broadened my perspective on data-driven decision making. I got firsthand experience in predicting future sales and inventory requirements for a large ERS client.

In just a week, I have gained a solid understanding of what ERS does. They are all about using data to help retailers, wholesalers, and distributers make smarter decisions and improve their inventory productivity and profit margins. They empower their clients to manage their resources effectively and gain a competitive advantage in the market. It was amazing to see the level of strategy that goes into aspects of retail inventory planning. For example, the planning required to make sure that the products we see on store shelves are available when and where we need them is impressive.

Reflecting on my first week, I am genuinely excited about what is ahead. I am looking forward to diving into the projects, expanding my knowledge, and seeing how I can further contribute to ERS.

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