ERS 20th Anniversary

By Jim Lewis, CEO

Please join me in celebrating ERS’ 20th Anniversary! It’s because of our incredible team, partners and especially our engaged clients that we have been able to grow and innovate over the last 2 decades. The personal relationships we have developed are what we treasure the most. I believe that our people- who have both the dedication and expertise- are what drives our success.

While our solutions have changed throughout the years- from desktop applications to web apps, and static reporting to AI powered reporting- one thing that has not changed is our commitment to excellence.

I had more ideas than cash when I started the company. Many of those ideas have become reality. We’ve helped hundreds of companies over the years and the gratification from seeing their success has been extremely fulfilling.

Despite several tumultuous years, most of our clients have not only survived but thrived. One key reason is their discipline in planning. Using POS data to gain greater visibility to their business, making better merchandising decisions and planning their inventory more productively. Our tools and the ability to brainstorm and strategize with the ERS team have helped them navigate a very tough environment. This is unique to ERS and why it makes us the best in the business.

The future for ERS includes smarter reporting and planning functions that will enable our clients to do much more in less time. Pinpointing and predicting stock outs at store level, more accurate wholesale inventory planning and drop ship tracking and planning to name just a few.

A growing area of interest is our ability to develop custom applications. We have software development teams both in the US and abroad. This enables us to take on both small- and large-scale projects. They include everything from enterprise level financial planning tools for retailers to smaller custom planning tools or dashboards and reports. ERS offers an affordable way for companies to get specialized software with baked-in retail and wholesale experience.

So, thank you to the entire ERS team and partners- in the US and overseas- who give their best every day. Thank you to our clients and followers. It is through your feedback that we continue to improve what we do, innovate with new products and build stronger relationships. For companies that have followed us throughout the years but have not taken advantage of our expertise- there has never been a better time. In celebration of our anniversary, we are offering more free trials and incentives. Contact us today to learn more.

In honor of our 20th anniversary, get our retail primer for free! Visit our 20th Anniversary page to download it now.

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