Cece Schulz

Usually in this blog I talk about inventory planning and retail analytics. But this post is personal. Not just to me, but to hundreds of students that have had the privilege of being in the presence of greatness. The greatness I am referring to is Cece Schulz, who for close to 30 years has taught, counseled, motivated and prepared students for professional careers.

David F. Miller Retail Center

At the Miller Retail Center at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), Cece engaged students to learn more about careers in the retail industry. It’s not what she did, but how she did it that makes her special. She created unique programs (ex. Retail You!) that challenged students to develop skills they may not have known they had. She made her classes fun and inviting. She mentored students and treated them as much more- providing both the skills and confidence they need to be successful in interviews, internships and first jobs.

Cece is retiring now, which leaves big shoes to fill at the Center. Granted, UF students are in the top tier in the country (I’m not biased at all) but there are a lot of things you just can’t learn in the classroom. That’s why I believe the center has been so successful for so long- working on soft skills and preparing students for the real world. For over 10 years, ERS, has run an internship program with UF students. Every year, they get better and better. And every year it comes down to one thing: Cece prepared them.

People Are the #1 Asset

When you are a small organization like ERS, people make or break the organization. My team is the #1 asset of the Company. You can have the best technology, the best product, but if you don’t have great people behind it, it will ultimately fail. Cece understands that and works with students to bring their “A” game.

CeCe, thank you for everything you have done. For me, for the Retail Center and for all those students that you inspired. I will miss you as will all the people you worked with in the retail industry. I wish you the best in whatever ventures lie ahead for you!

Jim Lewis

Founder & CEO Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC

Advisory Board Member, Miller Center for Retail at the University of Florida


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  1. Could not agree more. Cece was all about her students, and helped so many with their career decisions. Best to you Cece, and enjoy your next gig. Go Gators!

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