Enhanced Retail Solutions Celebrates 19 years of Success!

By James Lewis, CEO

19 years ago, I left a very fulfilling career with JC Penney and embarked into the great unknown of starting up a new business. Armed with confidence, a very supportive wife, and a Best Buy credit card I founded ERS.

ERS has survived recessions, retailer bankruptcies, increased competition, the untimely loss of a great employee and friend and now a pandemic. Many companies cannot say that. The reason is simple- we have the best people in the business. They make taking care of our clients their number one priority. Our clients take advantage of our broad expertise, and it is why so many of them have been engaged with us for so long- many of them for all 19 years! It is because of the relationships we have developed and the hands-on approach that we uniquely provide in our space.

So today ERS celebrates 19 years serving retailers, manufacturers, distributors and brands. The traditional gift for an 19th anniversary is Bronze. It is tough, long lasting and attractive- a fitting description for ERS.

Like many companies, 2020 was not a banner year for us. But it has also invigorated us to innovate more, try new things and share the experiences with our clients to their benefit. We are excited about several new projects which will be released soon:

  • Smart Features in Item Planner– integration with wholesale inventory lets you see quickly how your inventory is affected by quickly changing sales trends. Conduct “what-if” scenarios to help determine risk.
  • Forecast^10 (Forecast to the 10th power)- A forecast is worthless unless other parts of the supply chain are tuned. Forecast^10 blends our RetailNarrative AI concept into a whole new experience that provides deeper visibility in a more actionable format.
  • A drop ship performance and forecast report for suppliers that drop ship for multiple retailers including Amazon. It helps prioritize action on items and recommends when and how much to buy or how deep to markdown poor performers.
  • Custom projects, reports & dashboards– canned software just cannot deliver the information you need fine-tuned specifically for your business. Have a process that is a bottleneck or impedes your ability to be efficient? Feel like it should be automated? Ask us.

So, thank you to the entire ERS team and partners- in the US and overseas- who give their best every day. Thank you to our clients and followers. It is through your feedback that we continue to improve what we do, innovate with new products and build stronger relationships. For companies that have followed us throughout the years but have not taken advantage of our expertise- there has never been a better time. In celebration of our anniversary we are offering more free trials and discounted subscriptions. Contact us today to learn more.

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