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Does Your Company Have A “Missing Link”?

A missing link is something that impedes productivity, scalability or revenue. Maybe your team is spending too much time on tasks or processes that just aren’t efficient or yielding the results you need. ERS can design and develop a system to solve the problem. Because we understand the business from the start we can build something quickly that will be effortless to use. And we are affordable- most projects are under $10,000.

Projects: Large and Small

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Custom reports, portals for aggregating data, promotion tracking, drop ship tracker, sourcing planning, database to store design elements and more.

3rd Party Data Integration

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Don’t Make Decisions in the Dark

Maybe your team is spending too much time every week building a report or doing a lot of manual work to organize and aggregate data to make it useful. Or maybe you’re trying to get answers to questions that reports don’t help you with- like tracking promotions or determining price elasticity.

You may have all the data you need but can’t solve it in an efficient or cost-effective way. I invite you to discover how customized special projects- large and small- have helped our clients eliminate a pain point and lead them to higher productivity, impactful savings and increased revenue and profit.

Custom Reports – Our Specialty

We’ve been creating reports for all different types of businesses for over 18 years. Companies come to us to automate, integrate different data points or to take the stress out of formatting and combining different reports every week. We provide the information they need to make better decisions.

Custom Retail Dashboard

From sending reports in MS Excel to creating live custom web pages- we cater to what works best for your organization.

data integration

It’s probably the biggest pain point- how to get fields from different data sources on one report. We’ll find a way to do it.

easy or hard

We handle everything from simple selling reports to advanced dashboards with integrated data sets.


Our consultants do more than deliver a report- they talk you through what the data is trying to tell you.

These are the most popular reports we can deliver:

  • ATS Wholesale Ownership Report.
  • Waterfall Report- Review & predict future retail orders.
  • Walmart Item Tracking, Walmart SSO’s, Walmart Buyer Reports
  • Drop Ship Tracker – Review orders, shipping, forecast.
  • Performance by Retail Account Dashboard.
  • Nielsen/IRI/NPD interpretation Reports.
  • Master Buy Report- All items with history and future needs.
  • Lost Sales Dashboard- Pinpoint lost sales by SKU by Store.
  • eCommerce vs. Brick & Mortar Weekly Report.
  • TY vs LY by Brand, Department, Program, Color/Size.
  • Multi Week Tracker by Brand, Department, Program, Color/Size.
  • Filtered Performance- 4, 8 week averages and inventory health.
  • Sourcing Plans- Commitments by Country, Supplier, Factory

waterfall report

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We Live Wholesale and Retail

ERS is the best resource to develop solutions to your tough problems. We have the problem solving skills, can match the right technology to solve a problem and we understand the business. We’re more affordable than a development company, understand your business better and have more resources than an independent contractor and can implement faster and have access to more tools than your internal team.




Client Testimonials

Our eCommerce business was skyrocketing but we did not have an easy way to track it, or forecast items. ERS not only created a tool to make recommendations on each item, but integrated data from 5 disparate sources to make it happen. With thousands of items we can now quickly see which items need to be watched, re-bought, marked down or sold off.

It was taking our planning team over 10 hours each week to accumulate data and put together a wholesale inventory report for our sales team. ERS automated the process and built us a web page that our team around the globe can access. They took what was 3 different reports and combined them into 1- complete with product images.

In the competitive field of small appliances, we have struggled with managing and tracking promotions. ERS created a template for us to enter promotions and then update a web page that integrates data from all our retail accounts and shows us the effectiveness of each promotion. It’s been a real game changer. Our competitors have nothing like it.