Introducing Forecast^10
 designed for the future


We’ve taken everything we’ve learned…

Demand Planning is nothing new- and neither are the tools on the market. A forecast is worthless unless other parts of the supply chain are tuned. Forecast^10 (Forecast to the 10th power) blends our RetailNarrative AI concept into a whole new forecasting experience that will provide a more accurate forecast at breakneck speeds.

tracks lost sales – and shows how to fix them

Goes store by store, SKU by SKU to determine the “sweet spot” to base sales on. Documents empty pegs and provides allocation recommendations.

recommends wholesale order changes

Tracks retail inventory and the wholesale pipeline. Provides multiple scenarios that could occur based on inventory availability. No more going back and making adjustments.

a year’s worth of estimates

Estimates future sales and inventory requirements by date- by retailer, by SKU. Roll up to style, brand, category- any attribute required by your business to review.

designed with the user in mind

Thousands of SKU’s? No problem, the system sets itself up automatically. Studies your history and applies the logic. Corrects itself over time with more information.

…and removed the complexity from forecasting.

We studied the bottlenecks that hold companies back from successfully implementing forecasting systems and added features that spreadsheet based and expensive forecast applications can’t compete with. No time consuming user setup, manipulation or data entry. Now you can focus more on taking action that managing a system.

Shows in one place what ACTIONS  need to be taken to optimize inventory productivity. It tells you how much to buy, what changes should be made to WIP, provides estimated sales, lost sales and door level allocation recommendations.

Requirements: Weekly POS retail sales & inventory, preferably at door level, wholesale inventory, attribute information and history. Optional: beach chair and margarita: because you’ll be able to take a vacation again and not worry.