Retail Sales & Inventory Forecast

This retail forecast estimates future sales and inventory requirements by SKU, Style, Category, etc. Additionally, Rolling Forecast tells you when to buy- and how much. Designed for both retail and wholesale inventory planners, it uses a variety of parameters including seasonality curves, lead times, promotions and more to better manage production planning and improve inventory productivity. 

Deepen visibility to sales and predict the future better. Firstly, the system uses a variety of parameters including weeks of supply models, lead time, seasonality, promotional adjustments and different calculation models. Secondly, it compares external forecasts to a system generated forecast. Thirdly it applies smart business rules to provide the most accurate forecast. Finally it saves multiple versions for future reference.

Additionally, it provides an interactive experience- change work in progress, estimated sales right on the screen and see how it affects the forecast. Based on methodology used by most retailers it is simple yet effective. 

All values generated by the retail forecast can be integrated with Microsoft PowerBI or Retail Synthesis to create completely customized views, reports and dashboards by user.

A multitude of reports are available including:

  • Sales by Month or Week
  • Buys by Month or Week
  • Ship to Store Schedule
  • Rolling Forecast by Month or Week
  • Wholesale only forecast
  • Forecast exceptions

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