Enhanced Retail Solutions Allocation Improvement Manager

AIM: Allocation Improvement Manager

AIM was developed in cooperation with a 1,000+ store chain to identify and rectify inventory opportunities, thus reducing lost sales and profit. The interactive dashboard provides a priority list which highlights items with high lost sales and provides the user with information they need to improve inventory levels across stores.

Improved Visibility

See both store and wholesale inventory.

Curated by Client

Merchandise hierarchy and user AOR customized by client.

Improved Allocation

Reduce over-inventory by more accurately profiling stores.

Immediate Results

Export reports and functions for quick action taking.


  • Set up alerts by category or user.
  • Track the progress of lost sales week to week.
  • Lost sales report shows multiple rates of sale, recommends replenishment quantities by SKU/store.
  • Creates a simple wholesale forecast based on retail needs.
  • Store segmentation report shows how a store is performing vs. how it was planned.
  • Stores Often Out report highlights those stores that are constantly low on inventory.
  • Acts as a priority list for users to take action on most glaring problems.

Store Level Allocation Optimization

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